Do you remember my 8 ways to play the game ANIMALS?

This time it’s another game, and more ways to use it with intermediate groups.

A few words about the ESL learning game itself. The box is big, for it contains more than 270 elements that can be used in plenty of different ways. The instructions contain 7 games of different degrees of difficulty for very young players – the suggested age is from 4 to 8 years old.

But it would be a shame to waste such potential. So how can you use the game in lessons with older learners? Just change the rules a little :).


Master Chef

Is there anyone who hasn’t seen this popular TV show in which participants show off their skills in the kitchen? Probably not. One of my favourite competitions is where players get a set of products that don’t go with each other from which they have to whip up something original, eye-catching, and above all, tasty. So let’s have our learners become cooks. Each player draws cards from a bag with pictures or names of food. Then, step by step, they have to describe how to turn these into a delicious dish. We can use plates and pictures in this game. Mainly we are exercising how to form complex sentences, but at the same time we recall and learn vocabulary needed in everyday life.


Walking Dictionary – this idea is good for homework, too

We start with a bag full of cards with names. Each player pulls out a word (if it is short, e.g. “ham”, the player takes a second card, so that there are not too few letters). Then, each player has to make as many words as they can using the letters from the words they drew, e.g.:




We put all the picture cards out on the table (or, for a lower level of difficulty, I recommending using text cards). Each player gets a MENU board. The object of the game is for each player to complete their menu as quickly as possible. How? By correctly spelling the name of the picture they choose :). Personally, I don’t know anyone who would like to practice spelling in English, but unfortunately, without practice, it’s difficult to become fluent. The elements of play and competition help liven up what could be boring repetition.


My Day Yesterday.

The game is played in pairs using picture cards – the players have short dialogues about their day yesterday. Each player draws from 5 to 7 cards and tries to use all of their names in the conversation. The dialogues can also be about the future, e.g. questions and answers on plans for tomorrow.


Let's Eat in English

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Foreign language learning gamified! Learn to win. Play to learn highly useful words and phrases in English. Let’s eat in English will help children learn lots of highly useful words and phrases that have to do with preparing, ordering, and eating the things they like the most.


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