If you talk to a man in the language he understands, it goes to his head. If you talk to a man in his own language, it goes to his heart.

Nelson Mandela

One of the most important goals of learning a second language is the ability to communicate in everyday situations, with friends, at work, in business. Becoming fluent in speaking, however, is not easy. We can only get fluency through practice, that is, simply during a conversation.

But how do you converse a lot when learning in groups? How to activate all students in the class so that everyone often has a chance to express themselves? I don't think I will surprise anyone if I say that the easiest way to do it is by playing REGIPIO games. Well-established rules of the games will provoke even the shyest people to speak spontaneously. What's more, you don't have to be the best-speaking person in the group to win the game! The created rules allow you to practice conversation and winning is not determined by better or worse language skills. It all depends on your strategy and luck. And remember, the biggest win is being more fluent in your second language anyway!


    It is during real conversations when we find out about the level of our English language skills. If we can easily answer the questions asked and we can build them spontaneously, we can be proud of ourselves. Buy now See more


    Challenge your opponent's questions that require only short answers from you. However, your answers should be quick and correct. Buy now See more


    Do you happen to find conversations in English frustrating? Are you unskilled in spontaneous conversations and afraid of questions that may surprise you? Or maybe you fear you won't understand them. Baffle Me is just for you! Buy now See more


    Are questions a significant part of a conversation? The most significant! Without questions, there would be no conversation, only a monologue. Therefore, asking questions should be one of the most important skills in learning English. We’ve got it for you! Buy now See more


    Talking about the present tense does not seem difficult, especially when we learn the rules of the Present Continuous. However, it can be challenging to ask questions spontaneously or respond quickly. Do you want to feel that you have language "at your fingertips"? Play the simple language game BAFFLE ME. Buy now See more


    Fluent use of Present Perfect indicates a good level of English. Although some people struggle with this tense at the beginning of their studies, Baffle Me will convince you that "the devil is not so black as he is painted". Buy now See more


    Why is it so hard to speak English effortlessly? Because we rarely have the opportunity to expose ourselves to natural conversations in this language. A lesson based on answering predictable questions in English won't bring you satisfactory fluency. Buy now See more


    Brush up one of the most important English verbs you will use in every English conversation: TO BE. Remember, however, we want the BAFFLE ME battle to make you a master at asking questions and giving quick answers with TO BE. Buy now See more


    Questions about “where someone was,” or “what was something like” come up frequently in our conversations. In English, they can be troublesome, which is why the Baffle Me game comes to the rescue. Buy now See more

  • HOMENGLISH Sport & Free Time

    HOMENGLISH Sport& Free Time is an unusual card game for having conversations in English about ideas for spending free time and sports activities that we like to do or which we only watch and support. Buy now See more

  • HOMENGLISH Holidays

    English conversations about planning holidays and many situations that happen to us during our vacations. Buy now See more

  • Quiz & Act AUSTRALIA (part 1)

    Dreaming of a trip to Australia? Get ready for it with our cultural quiz. Discover cultural differences, get to know the country of your dreams and face "special" tasks that will surely make everyone laugh. Buy now See more

  • Quiz & Act GREAT BRITAIN (part 1)

    Face the challenge! Answer questions about the culture of Great Britain and shine among your friends with your skills. Buy now See more

  • Quiz & Act USA (part 1)

    Are you confident that the United States has no secrets from you? Find out with our cultural quiz. Buy now See more

  • Beat About the Bush in Business

    Business vocabulary will not bother you when used in context. Instead of memorizing individual words, use them in sentences and make it easier for you to associate the words and use them freely in the future. Buy now Instruction See more

  • Beat About the Bush

    Beat About the Bush - Develop English learners’ speaking skills and expand their vocabulary with this hilarious ESL game for kids. ESL students take turns describing an object in such a way that a partner can guess the answer.  Be careful! Forbidden key words are not allowed. This game will challenge students to use unique vocabulary to reach their goal! You must simply know how to say it, without saying it – in ENGLISH! Buy now Instruction See more

  • Travel with English

    English learners acquire new words and practice their English as they travel through downtown London in this delightful game. ESL students visit museum, historical places and see over 20 sites of the city as they follow the map. Asking directions, reading schedules and negotiating travel arrangement make this game a realistic adventure in learning travel English. Buy now Instruction See more

  • Let’s eat in English – Your SUPERCODE

    As English learners play "Let’s Eat" they will learn 250 useful words for preparing, ordering and eating food. Different scenarios give ESL students practice following a recipe, making a shopping list, and ordering from menus. Buy now Instruction See more

  • Ask! Don't Stray!

    Questioning is the key to knowledge and people’s hearts. However, sometimes it’s so hard to find a right and proper question, particularly for English learners. Want to ask questions in English out of a hat? Buy now Instruction See more

  • HomEnglish Lower level students

    We are aware of the fact of how irritating it is to know enough words to communicate efficiently and at the same time not to be able to do so because of a lack of fluency.The exciting ESL game “HomEnglish – Let’s chat” does not only provide us with plenty of useful, practical words used every day but also offers an enjoyable way to practice them. Buy package See more

  • HomEnglish higher level students

    Becoming fluent like a native speaker may seem like an unattainable dream. With the HomEnglish Let’s chat series of language games... dreams can become reality, and spontaneous quick reactions to other interlocutors' statements will become natural and unforced. Buy package See more


    The HOMENGLISH game is the only card game on the market to motivate even the shyest person to speak. In the School part, conversations are not only about tests and which teacher made the wrong profession but also about relationships, first crushes or truancy. Buy now See more

  • HomEnglish - Kitchen

    This game will definitely improve your ability to participate in natural conversations. Conversations about food often happen: at home or in a restaurant, with family or with friends. Buy now See more

  • HomEnglish - Bathroom

    HOMENGLISH LET'S CHAT IN THE BATHROOM will surprise you with how exciting, irritating, but always necessary conversations in the bathroom can be. Buy now See more

  • HomEnglish - Living Room

    No one doubts that the topics of conversation in the living room are countless. The language game HOMENGLISH LET'S CHAT IN THE LIVING ROOM is an endless source of discussion topics that you can have in English without the fear of saying something incorrectly. Buy now See more

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