• Basic Verbs

    When young learners discover the basic verbs: TO BE, HAVE GOT and CAN, one by one, it is usually not a problem for them. However, when they have to automatically and interchangeably use these verbs, they have trouble deciding what to say: Have you got fly? Can you fly or Are you fly?There is a great way to work it through! Basic Verbs is designed for young learners to practice the verbs TO BE, HAVE GOT and CAN effortlessly in positive, negative and question sentences. Buy now! See more

  • Brainy Steps English

    The aim of the game is to introduce and preserve English adjectives indispensable in everyday communication. The players use adjectives in real and natural situations, talking or telling stories to other participants. Buy now Instruction See more

  • Discover the Town

    In this game the players design their own town by placing removable elements wherever they want to. When the town is created, they move around, follow the instructions, or look for the hidden place. Buy now Read more

  • Four Seasons Game

    The Four Seasons Game is for creative students and teachers who would like to change the rules or topics of the game every time they play it. The blank fields are waiting for your ideas! Come up with the game you are dreaming of! We promise you’ll love these outdoor board games. Buy now Read more

  • Guess the Present Tense

    This engaging outdoor board game is an excellent way to remove students’ doubts. It helps students understand the difference between the two present tenses. Key words help players to see the differences, understand them and practice speaking about present situations. Buy now Read more

  • Jump and Talk

    This outdoor board game is intended to help kids enjoy learning English. A large die is provided that can be rolled around the task fields of the board to make classes amazing and active. Buy now Read more

  • Present or Past in London

    While playing the game Present or Past in London, students jump from place to place and speak in the Present or Past Simple tense depending on the "key" expression they come across. A giant die flies through the air or rolls across the board, making the game unpredictable and fun to play at every turn. London attractions on the board may trigger a discussion about culture in Great Britain: Which place in London would your students like to visit or What do British people have for dinner? Get your students outdoors in the fresh air and make a lesson enjoyable for both you and your students. Buy now! See more

  • Question Steps

    Do you want to ASK? Why don’t you…. just ASK? Make some Questions steps: right or left, forward, backward or around and you will know How to ASK easily. Buy now Instruction See more

  • Round steps English

    These English practice games are perfect for children ages six and up. It helps children learn and consolidate basic colours, simple adjectives, and numerals from 1 to 12. Learning through play is one of the best ways to master a new language as it allows a child to acquire new vocabulary faster and more effectively! Buy now Instruction See more

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